Say Yes to Responsible Development: The Phoenician

Kevin PattersonCampaign Updates, IssuesLeave a Comment

Keeping Phoenix’s foundational roots of what makes it such a beautiful place to live in is one of my highest priorities. This is why I firmly believe in keeping Phoenix’s historical landmarks. The Phoenician has been a historical landmark in Phoenix for as long as I can remember; bringing to Phoenix a legacy of beauty and elegance.

It disappoints me to see that Sal Diciccio’s leadership continues to push towards destroying precious landmarks that encompass Phoenix’s historical legacy. A legacy that has attracted many of its residents due to its stunning rural scenery and lavish resort interior. It is a place where many Phoenix residents go to escape the sun, bask under an oasis of waterfalls, or enjoy a spaciously intricate golf-course.

Ahwatukee is already home to a demolished Lakes golf-course resort that many residents once knew and loved, and I don’t want residents to endure the despair of losing yet another one. Sal Diciccio is slowly leading our city into a golf-course resort extinction that is really going to take a drastic hit on the quality of leisure time for a vast majority of our elderly residents. He is destroying much more than just a physical entity, he is destroying the concept of what makes Phoenix a vibrant attraction spot for visitors as well as residents.

It would be understandable if Sal offered solutions and reparations to what he is proposing, but he is just running residents through a long road of losses. Ripping apart the Phoenician Golf Course and Resort means transforming the existing land into high-density homes, increasing traffic problems, and destroying property values.