Statement on Healthcare and Congress

Kevin PattersonIssuesLeave a Comment

Today, Senate Republicans released an out of touch, draconian, alarming health care proposal that threatens the progress we’ve made in providing affordable healthcare for record numbers of community members. It drives up costs, reduces benefits, and leaves our most vulnerable populations out to dry. That is not the America I believe in and it goes against my values as a healthcare professional to deny coverage to those in need.

One aspect of this proposal attacks a community that I believe in deeply; women and particularly women of color. As the father of two daughters, I am angered by Congress’ attacks to defund Planned Parenthood, where 2.4 million men and women receive medical care annually, many as the sole source of healthcare. My goal is for my children and children in my community to always feel safe and comfortable in their bodies, which cannot happen if the best places to receive affordable and quality healthcare are dismantled by Congress. I condemn this proposal and stand in solidarity with my friends at Planned Parenthood.

I pledge to always stand with you in the fight for access to the healthcare we need to have safe, strong, and thriving communities, from the City of Phoenix to Washington D.C.