Solve Lakes and Club West Golf Course Blight

Kevin PattersonMy Plan for Ahwatukee Comments

Solve Lakes and Club West Golf Course Blight

Residents have become exhausted from constant battles over the future of our golf courses and neighborhoods. Both developers who aimed to restructure the Lakes, Pulte and True Life, have proposed “solutions” that residents clearly do not want, and the fight to get 51% of residents to change their deed restrictions to allow for the construction has dragged on for years. We don’t need high density homes and more traffic in Ahwatukee.

Now, with water issues and the City potentially reneging on a 60 year plan for the Club West course, it looks like Ahwatukee is again suffering from gross negligence from its Councilman. Residents home values are suffering, hurting families ability to grow and succeed. That is simply unacceptable.

It’s time to stop viewing these issues within the prism of “its either A or B solution” and locking in a stalemate that benefits no one. We need a Councilman who will:

  1. Create an open space solution for the Lakes. This will allow us to use the land for a community purpose, prevent flooding from runoff on South Mountain, and increase our quality of life and home values.
  2. Hold the City of Phoenix to its 60 year contract with Club West, bring transparency to the HOA process, and build consensus from stakeholders to get the golf course residents were promised, and paid for running again.
  3. Make it clear to developers that Ahwatukee homeowners cannot and will not be taken for granted again.