Saying Yes to a Vibrant Phoenix

Kevin PattersonCampaign Updates, Issues1 Comment

Hi Team,

I have heard lots of our communities about the loss of trees. Phoenix is as beautiful and walkable as it is because of our trees. Communities want to be able to walk the streets downtown and see vibrant life when they drive. The trees we have are not just important because they save money, but because a vibrant, life-filled Phoenix is the kind of place we all want to live and work.

Trees Matter, the organization promoting tree life here in Phoenix, wants to more than double our urban canopy by 2030, and I think that is an excellent goal. More life and more shade are critical components of making Phoenix as excellent as it can be. Places with more shade aren’t just easier to walk in, they do better economically as well. Better shade means more customers and lower electric bills.

Cities like Phoenix suffer from the heat island effect, where asphalt traps heat that should escape at night. Shade reduces the effect significantly. Broad urban canopies save us money on electric bills and make the city more sustainable. Beginning to replace the trees we lose every year to storms is the first step in that direction.

But I know our communities don’t want just to replace the trees we have lost. Our communities want a commitment to go above and beyond what we had before, and to say yes to the green and gorgeous Phoenix we know our city can be.