Say Yes To Sustainable Investment

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There are all kinds of economic development, and while growth is good, responsible growth is better. As a city, Phoenix can pursue lasting, sustainable investment, or it can pursue short bursts of growth. We believe that Phoenix should say yes to the kinds of long-term, responsible growth that will keep our city competitive for years to come.

So what does responsible growth, sustainable investment, and long term growth mean? It means short term tax breaks for businesses alone will not serve our long term needs. Our mayor has long courted international trade with our largest trading partner, Mexico, and he deserves the full support of city council. But that, also, will not be enough to sustainably grow our economy.

To pursue sustainable investment, Phoenix needs to invest in itself and seek out burgeoning industries. Industries like renewable energy will come to Phoenix if we can show we’re invested in ecologically friendly development and if we have a highly trained workforce.

We can push our advantage of a highly trained workforce if we can keep more of our college graduates from leaving, and we as a city can make direct improvements to the city, making it more eco-friendly and attractive to the renewable energy industry.

Phoenix can also seek investment in the field of tech, by being open and amenable to the many changes and disruptions that tech brings to ways of thinking. These changes are all within the realm of possibility for a city that doesn’t simply say no to any change or innovation but says yes.

As your future city councilman, I look forward to saying yes to innovation and sustainable investment. The kind of investment that moves us forward in the long run, and makes the city a better, more inclusive city for all.