Say Yes to Strong Education

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Strong public education that serves a diverse set of students has always been the foundation of our communities and country. I am not afraid to take a stand for our teachers and students by saying that the voucher expansion bill, passed by our State Legislature this past year was a horrible idea. I am thrilled to see it go away, and even more thrilled to see that it was done through the hard work of many people coming together on a set of common values.

We earned it; we proved to the state that anything can be accomplished through a mobilized movement. I wish my opponent Sal thought the same way. Not only did Sal oppose our efforts, but his personal attorney is leading the fight to have it taken away through a frivolous lawsuit, far away from the eyes of the public.

Sal does not stand for our children or families, despite cheap signs claiming the contrary. The City of Phoenix deserves leadership that will fight for quality public education from our families. I am ready to be that fighter. Voting centers are open today, Monday, and Election Day, Tuesday, Aug 29th.

Education is a stepping-stone to success for our children. I care deeply about the education of my two beautiful young girls and children across the City, which is why I believe supporting strong public schools for kids in our District is critical to all of our success.

Supporting strong schools will only help us build stronger communities and it starts by putting our money where our mouths are and making education a real priority.. I deeply believe that every child, no matter their background, deserves access to quality education from K-12 and beyond. That is why I was proud to have carried Save Our Schools petitions for the last 4 months and encouraged any volunteers that I met to do the same.

Dark money groups led by DeVos and the Koch brothers have put Sal DiCiccio’s attorney in charge of upsetting our success. Our city deserves a fighter that will defend us from outside dark money interests!