Say Yes to Safe Homes and Healthy Communities

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As a healthcare leader, I understand the value of listening before you speak, especially on matters of health and safety. The healing process is both complicated and vitally important for the well-being of any community. That is why I am so disappointed to see Councilman Diciccio inaccurately refer to sober living homes as “drug houses” when they are anything but.

These homes are part of the healing process and provide enormous benefit to their patients by allowing people to rededicate themselves to healthy living. By trying to bully and isolate these resources, my opponent threatens to undo all the good work and opportunity they have provided.

I have looked long and hard at this issue, and as a healthcare professional, I can say the best policy towards sober living homes is one that prioritizes the health of the residents and the surrounding communities. These houses are sometimes not safe environments conducive to the healthy recovery of the patients seeking a sober environment. We need leadership that regulates these houses and stands for our families in need.

I want to make sure that we regulate the distances these houses can be apart from one another (NINETY FEET IS NOT ENOUGH!), that we have consistent check-ins from City officials to make sure that those who are running the facilities are not abusing patients and taking advantage of their illness. If we take these common sense steps, then our neighborhoods will be safe and healthy.

It is shameful the way our councilman thinks and speaks about these healthcare resources, and as your city councilman, you can always expect more from Kevin. Health and safety issues deserve careful and well thought out judgment, as well as a willingness to say yes to the potential of what Phoenix can be. Say Yes to Phoenix with us, and vote for Kevin Patterson this city council election.