Say Yes to Responsible Growth

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Say Yes to Responsible Growth

We are so excited to share some of the policy issues we will be talking about during this campaign. Away from all of the politics, campaigns have to remember that they are about creating a vision for public policy that best serves the community.

One of the major issues we are talking about in this race is responsible growth & economic development. Phoenix is growing at an incredible and inspiring pace, with our amazing city attracting multi-million dollar investment that will create jobs and economic opportunity. Now, as we watch our city grow, I have some ideas about how we can make sure that a rising tide truly lifts all boats and our values of equitable opportunity are shared by leaders in the community.

I further stand for the empowerment of small business and entrepreneurs and will champion an expansion of local financing opportunities that help local owners grow their brand and workforce. More than 90% of business financing in Arizona comes from out of state, locking out small businesses from getting off the ground. We know that locally owned businesses add to the sustainability of our city economy by creating jobs for working families and keeping money in the community, keys to responsible growth and helping wages rise. As your City Councilman, I pledge to be a small business advocate on the Council, making sure that their concerns are heard and real public policy is created that is advantageous to them.
We also know that one of Phoenix’s greatest assets is our universities, with more than 11,000 students attending ASU’s downtown campus alone. What are we doing to retain these talented individuals that we have invested in? Too many of our students are unable to achieve their dreams of becoming local entrepreneurs, and the City has a chance to fix that by working hand in hand with the University to offer students sustainable opportunities post-graduation. As a City Councilman, I will find ways to make sure that students who want to invest in Phoenix have a clear path forward to work with the City to achieve their dreams.

Responsible growth starts with all of us coming together to better plan, finance, and advocate for our city.