Say Yes to Real Leadership: Save The Lakes

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I grew up in Ahwatukee. I graduated from Desert Vista. I know what Ahwatukee has to offer and what a wonderful, unique place it is to live. That is why I’m so frustrated when I see developers backtrack on promises made to homeowners and distract them with bad information.

My parents knew when we moved to Ahwatukee that an executive golf course and beautiful lakes came as part of the package. Everyone knew because the area developers promised the golf course would be built and properly maintained. This promise was broken time and time again by those who were too greedy to truly invest in the future of Ahwatukee.

Years of argument and passionate fighting from the community and “Save the Lakes”, the most recent owner of the Lakes Golf Course has said they do not plan, or think it is even possible, to renovate the golf course and remove the blight from this community. They want to ignore the original understanding between homeowners in the area and build more high-density homes where the golf course should be. They continue to use questionable estimates and methods to denigrate our neighborhood(s) and by extension, the people that live there.

This is the result of a leadership gap. The communities in Ahwatukee deserve someone who will stand up for them, not shy away from solving big problems. Despite his big, loud talk, Councilman Sal DiCiccio has made no progress on a successful solution to this pressing issue in more than four years. The measure of a leader is what they can do for the community that has placed their trust in them. For Ahwatukee, that trust has only been met with broken promises and a sad, empty golf course. My parents would be sad to see what has become of the place they loved to call home.

When I am on City Council, you can expect me to say YES to Ahwatukee, as my family and I have always done. I will follow through on the Lakes golf course and bring all parties to the table for a successful solution. That is a promise made, and it will be a promise kept.