Say Yes to Fire Unions

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Patterson for Phoenix Say Yes to Fire Unions

Safety is a comprehensive project, and we must look to every source that can provide us security. The fire department saves lives every day, and not just by pulling people out of burning buildings. At the scene of a car crash or a heart attack, firefighters are often the first to respond. When hikers fall and need rescue, firefighters are there. And if a building collapses and traps those inside, firefighters will be there too.

This is because those men and women selected to serve are dedicated to the safety of our city and its people. They are trained in the dozens of situations that could happen any shift— and work through nights fighting danger and threats to safety.

While I thank all Phoenix Firefighters for their incredible sacrifice and hard work protecting our city, they deserve more than just kind words; they deserve our respect and support.

I look forward to the day when all of the Phoenix City council shows our heroes the respect they’ve earned, and treat them accordingly. When public employees are treated like budget obstacles to be battered around in the media, insinuated against, and strong armed, the city of Phoenix loses.

When a sitting council member uses Op-Eds and gross insinuation as a method of strong arming long serving members of the fire department, the leadership gap becomes evident. And when our Councilman likened Fire Department leaders to mob bosses of all people, what was evident before became strikingly obvious; Sal DiCiccio has to go.

As your future council member, I look forward to showing our Fire Department the respect it deserves. But I won’t just give just respect, I will be a: supporter, friend, and an ally in the fight to keep our city safe.

As a healthcare professional and former public educator, I know how hard firefighters work, and how vital it is to support our public employees. Without a commitment to stand behind those employees, respect and gratitude are just words.

As your future council member, I look forward to providing real, concrete support in making our city as safe as can be, and closing the leadership gap in district 6.