Say Yes to an Inclusive and Respectful Phoenix

Kevin PattersonCampaign UpdatesLeave a Comment

Today, the Phoenix City Council will be voting to change two street names in our City that have derogatory and offensive connotations for members of our diverse community. There is no room in Phoenix to have state sponsored words that bring back memories of violence, subjugation, and oppression for our Native and Black communities.

We can do so much better as a City to meet our values of inclusion and respect. I am grateful for the Council and Mayor’s leadership on this issue.

It is also a way to honor Lori Ann Piestewa, the United States Army soldier killed during the Iraq War, for which the peak is named. Removing the name of a Confederate General is to respect our Black community, who deserve so much more.

I hope that the City Council does right by our community and votes to change these two street names. With these changes, we can put this painful past behind us and look forward to a more hopeful and bright future.