Say Yes to Accessibility

Kevin PattersonCampaign Updates, Issues Comments

Under the leadership of Mayor Greg Stanton, Phoenix has become one of the most accessible cities in the country.

From innovative disability signs to accessible transportation to and from Sky Harbor airport and wheelchair accessible recreation, our city’s leaders have proven they understand accessibility goes beyond ADA compliance.

As your city councilman, I will continue to work with the Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues to ensure Phoenix remains a welcoming city for the disability community to live, work, and play.

Accessibility goes beyond building codes. It means improving how people of all ability levels navigate the city by integrating safe sidewalks and walkways to older neighborhoods. Accessibility is parks and hiking trails that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of mobility level. It is affordable, safe housing that can be easily accessed and fosters independence.

While Sal DiCiccio is largely silent on the issue of accessibility, seemingly content to settle for building code compliance, I will actively fight for the city to be a leader in accessibility infrastructure and innovation. As someone who works for the largest non-profit healthcare provider in Arizona, I understand that physical ability can limit opportunities, but as a city councilman I will refuse to accept those limits.

Accessibility means inclusion, not accommodation. People with disabilities are a tight-knit, vibrant community but I will never forget that ultimately, they are Phoenicians who help the city thrive.