Sal DiCiccio: Stop Blocking Constituents on Twitter!

Kevin PattersonCampaign Updates Comments

You would think Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio has a lot better things to do with his time than play around on Twitter. Between trying to cut public services, putting neighborhoods and home values at risk, and hurting working families, Sal is a busy guy. Still, he finds time to block, delete, and marginalize voices online who ask him tough questions about his poor voting record and misguided values. He compared my friends, family, staff, and constituents to the “Nazi Party” he blocked on social media. This has to stop.

Social media blocking is not the job of a public servant. When I am your Councilman, I promise to be open, transparent, and accountable to your concerns, no matter if you agree with me or not. That’s just the job description.

Sign this petition to tell Sal: Stop Blocking Constituents on Social Media. It’s time we had a Councilman that heard your voices.

-Kevin Patterson