Say Yes to Phoenix

Phoenix is on the brink of being something truly great. We have made incredible strides forward increasing equity and opportunity for our families under the leadership of our Council, but there is one cog in the machine that consistently holds our community back. District 6 can’t afford to say no to progress any longer. District 6 can’t say no to YOU any longer. Here’s my plan for how we can Say Yes to Phoenix:

Invest in job training and mentorship programs for youth so that they can fully participate in our local economy

Expand existing small business partnerships and financing opportunities with the Community and Economic Development Department so that innovation and entrepreneurs drive our economy, not large corporations

Empower workers and their families to succeed by earning a fair day’s wage for a hard day’s work, and be treated with real dignity and respect by their officeholders

Commit to solving the Lakes and now Club West golf course issues before blight continues to rot our neighborhoods and make Ahwatukee an unattractive place to live

Provide our police, fire, and first responders with the staff and gear they need to keep us safe and decrease response times

Double the number of police officers in Ahwatukee from 3 to 6 and put detectives back on solving some of our toughest crimes

Regulate sober-living homes in our neighborhoods so that residents are safe and patients get the healthcare they need, not shaming or threats from elected officials

Increase resident access to and awareness of community services such as libraries, parks, and community centers that create a better quality of life

Make affordable housing a priority for our Council so every day, working class families aren’t locked out of placing roots in our community

Stop massive, long term tax giveaways to developers who don’t commit to affordable housing that works for our families

Work with our universities to keep recent college graduates in our City with housing they can afford and invest in

In Ahwatukee, ensure that instability caused by the 202 construction and golf course blight doesn’t negatively effect home values

Say no to any new tax increase that unfairly hurts working families or unnecessarily burdens businesses while City government brings in record revenues

Commit to paying off our unfunded pension liabilities in less than the 30 years recently allotted by our Council so that our children are not burdened by debt

Sell the more than $150 million in unnecessary land owned by the City of Phoenix and earmark the profits and prospective tax revenues to balance the budget