Our Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Endorsement

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Our Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona Endorsement

Today I am excited to announce I have been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

The passionate people at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona are on the frontline of protecting citizen health from organized political opposition. It is always a struggle to bring people the healthcare they need, but we are up to the task.

Too many citizens believe they don’t have a voice in their own healthcare, or no security in their health. I advocate for them, as I have done my whole professional career. As a healthcare professional, I see how big of an impact healthcare has on people’s everyday lives.

When someone is truly sick, their health consumes their life. It eats up their time, money, and focus, and for many, those sacrifices aren’t even enough.

I am a father. My girls are 7 and 10, and I breathe easy knowing Planned Parenthood and other clinics are available for my daughters and women everywhere to get a comprehensive education on how to care for their bodies.

Education is just one of many ways to improve the health of our city, and clinics are instrumental in the fight.

As your city councilman, I will fight every day to make Phoenix a place where citizens can get the help they need when they need it. My office will always be open to new ideas, and I will never get tired of the struggle for a healthy and secure city.

Let’s Say Yes to a Healthy Phoenix!