No tax increases for working families and small business

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No tax increases for working families and small business

Taxes in the City of Phoenix have become a burden on working class families and small businesses in our District. While ensuring that we have a solid revenue stream to support efficient and cost-effective City services is important, we shouldn’t prioritize government spending over the concerns of our constituents.

The City of Phoenix is facing a budget deficit in 2018 of 43 to 64 million dollars, a large sum that comes at a time when we are taking in more of your hard earned money than ever before. Instead of raising your taxes to close this deficit, the City should take the following steps to become more fiscally accountable to its citizens in the short and long term:

  1. Stop massive tax giveaways to corporations and developers who don’t commit to living within our values, whether it’s housing or wages for workers. Roosevelt Row should not have received $9 million in tax incentives when it only committed to 5% affordable housing units in the 4th worst City in the nation for affordable housing. The Arizona Center is recently receiving $100 million in tax incentives for new development, but many of its units currently sit vacantly. This blows irreparable, long term holes in our budget.
  2. Broaden the tax base and sell off more than $150 million in land the City unnecessarily owns. We don’t have to raise taxes if we develop unused lots that can generate property and utility taxes that are currently not being collected. This will also spur economic development in our City.

    You and your family shouldn’t have to worry about losing more of your hard earned money to your City government. We can and must do better to make use of the revenue we have now, so you and your family can enjoy a better Phoenix.