Invest in job training and working families

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Invest in job training and working families

District 6 is one of the best educated districts in the city. We have a wealth of entrepreneurs, business executives, and nonprofit leaders who have incredible skills and advice to offer to our community. This talent must be utilized to help empower working families across Phoenix to create a more sustainable, livable city.

I propose creating a Phoenix Community Council in which District 6, as well as leaders from across the City come together in order to utilize our talent and empower people across the city to improve the quality of life for us all. This Community Council would spur economic growth and jobs within the City of Phoenix.

The Council would provide monthly workshops that will engage in job training for small business leaders. This can help struggling businesses as well as empower new and underserved entrepreneurs.

Through our combined talent, we will create a consortium of business resources that will include finances, business plans, public relations and marketing, human resources, and leadership development. Small business owners can leverage these resources to build capacity and begin to thrive.