Fight developers who tear up neighborhoods

Kevin PattersonMy Plan for Phoenix1 Comment

Fight developers who tear up neighborhoods

For years, District 6 neighbors have been intimidated by aggressive developers who rip through family communities and negatively impact the character, integrity, and prestige our neighborhoods. When this happens, our home values decline, unwanted traffic increases, and disproportionate construction sites create blights on our streets. This must change.

I commit to fighting back against developers who attempt to aggressively buy citizens out of their properties so they can level the existing home to construct so called “McMansions.” Without a plan to relocate folks who are affected, particularly the elderly, this aggression is dangerous to our community. Not all development is bad, but we need more diverse community input on our Planning Committees, and a real effort to engage folks about the issues in their own backyards!

I also commit to protecting key landmarks like The Phoenician and The David and Gladys Wright House that add culture and character to our city from being compromised by demolition and high-density housing. The current plans being considered by the Camelback Village Planning Committee to rip the Phoenician apart with little community input is shocking and wrong. Phoenix desperately needs to create and adhere to stricter zoning processes that consider the impact on neighbors and neighborhoods.

Responsible growth and economic development are the core of our City. Let’s make sure working families don’t get left behind.