Say Yes to Phoenix: My Closing Statement

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I want to start this final blog post by saying a deep and sincere thank you, to everyone who has been on this incredible journey with us from the beginning. Our grassroots campaign has truly demonstrated the power of the community coming together in unity and purpose to realign with what’s been missing in our district: our voice, respect, and honesty.

I originally chose to run for Phoenix City Council because I was frightened by the lack of leadership and lack of results our district was producing in relation to the growing success of our whole city. Phoenix is a city on the rise, and District 6 holds many of the ingredients to keep us moving in a productive direction. However, we need a leader who can listen, who can bring people together, who can hear feedback and implement quickly, and who knows he works for the people he represents…not the other way around. I chose to run because I want to leave this city better than I found it for my daughters and our future generations.

In our months of campaigning, we have sought to plant seeds of positive change and bring to life real solutions to everyday issues. I have cherished every moment of talking to citizens across the district who want to break through the divisiveness and want to have access to their leaders, and who want to feel like they matter in the evolution of our beautiful city. We have shown that the community can rally around a fresh voice and do not need, nor want career politicians who are concerned with their own success. Instead, we are a city that sticks together.

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Say Yes to Kevin

We value diversity, working families, safety, and integrity. I am very proud that we ran a campaign focused on honesty – we released taxes for transparency, answered many tough questions, and sought your feedback to construct real, collaborative plans for progress. It has been my honor and privilege to be your candidate, an everyday working dad who seized the opportunity to want more for his community. Thank you for the consensus building, the willingness to welcome my family with open arms, and for giving me your trust to work with you to make Phoenix a city that works for everyone.

Election Day is upon us and I am ecstatic at the support we’ve received so far. As previously stated, my vision for our district is to leave this city better than we found it for our future generations by restoring the respect and dignity of the voices that make our district great. My hope is that we can return to a vision that puts working families over the interests of corporations, where safe neighborhoods are a reality and not an empty promise, and where creative, inspiring, and talented individuals choose to share their innovative ideas and contribute to our sustainability instead of being forced out by misaligned priorities.

I thank every volunteer, every team member, every elected official, every single citizen who came to bat for us from day one. Phoenix is a city that can be a global player, as long as our leadership can put people first. I hope to have earned your vote, your trust, and your invitation to help us collectively SAY YES TO PHOENIX!

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