Say Yes to Phoenix: My Platform

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It’s crazy to think that we have now been in this campaign for nearly three months. I still remember the day we filed at the City Clerk’s office surrounded by my friends and family, full of hope and love for what lay ahead. Now, as we have dived deeper and deeper into our community, I have learned more and more about … Read More

Reginald Bolding Endorsement

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State Representative Reginald Bolding has been an education champion and fighter for his community since well before he was elected to the Legislature in 2014. He knows the meaning of bringing a community for shared values and shared purpose, and works tirelessly to bring real, forward thinking solutions to the table. Our incumbent Councilman has not represented the community in … Read More

Juan Mendez Endorsment

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State Senator Juan Mendez is a proven progressive fighter at the Legislature, advocating throughout his tenure for equity in education, economic opportunity, and fair access to the ballot for our historically underrepresented populations. He knows that compromising our values in the face of dangerous attacks from those who don’t value our diversity is not an option. I am thankful for … Read More

Isela Blanc Endorsement

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State Representative Isela Blanc made herself known quickly this year at the Legislature as a fierce advocate for children, families, and public education. Her leadership at the Legislature has helped moved our community forward, showing that fights we thought were beyond us are well within our grasp. With the help of Representative Blanc, we can make our communities stronger and … Read More

Randy Keating Endorsement

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Tempe City Councilmember Randy Keating has a long history of organizing communities around the local issues that matter most to them. His tireless efforts to create a more progressive Tempe that isn’t afraid to tackle big issues like homelessness and sustainability are a model for anyone who wants to advocate on the City level. A stronger partnership between District 6 … Read More

Say Yes to Good Jobs

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Growth is a priority for the city of Phoenix, like every city, but the needs and opportunities for growth in Phoenix are unique and must be handled responsibly. One of the core ways we can grow our economy for the benefit of those living here is to retain more of our college graduates. Phoenix and the areas around it have … Read More

Say Yes To Sustainable Investment

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There are all kinds of economic development, and while growth is good, responsible growth is better. As a city, Phoenix can pursue lasting, sustainable investment, or it can pursue short bursts of growth. We believe that Phoenix should say yes to the kinds of long-term, responsible growth that will keep our city competitive for years to come. So what does … Read More

Comité de Contacto Latino Aprobación de Kevin Patterson

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Estoy muy agradecido por el patrocinio del Comité de Contacto Latino (Latino Outreach Committee), porque todas las comunidades de la ciudad deben unirse para generar cambios. En esta era actual de división, la unidad y la defensa de todos es la única manera en que podremos hacer que Phoenix sea una ciudad que funcione para todos.

MCDP Latino Outreach Committee

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I am so grateful for the endorsement of the Latino Outreach Committee because all communities across the city must unite to create change. In the current age of divisiveness, unity and advocacy for everyone is the only way we make can Phoenix a city that works for everyone.

Ylenia Aguilar Endorsement

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Ylenia Aguilar’s work as an interpreter and an education equity advocate displays the inclusive and positive aspects of Phoenix we love so much. Her experience as a mother, entrepreneur and school board member at Osborn School District gives her a unique perspective strong leadership that we are inspired by. We are humbled to have her endorsement.