Maricopa County Young Democrats Endorsement

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I might not look young anymore, but technically, I still get to call myself a Young Democrat! The Maricopa County Young Democrats are an amazing organization that support youth leadership, development, and the election of young people to offices up and down the ballot. Their reinvigorated leadership and drive are inspiring, and I look forward to working them to advocate … Read More

Tony Navarrete Endorsement

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State Representative Otoniel Navarrete is a passionate, progressive fighter for justice at our State Legislature. Part of a new class of young, diverse leaders, Tony has fought for public education, voting rights, and economic opportunity for all people in our community. It is such an honor to have earned his endorsement and I look forward to working with him when … Read More

Say Yes to Real Solutions

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Phoenix has many needs and responsibilities that must be addressed every year and in every budget. Paying pension obligations, keeping the lights on, and ensuring city safety are long term projects that must be routinely dealt with. And while the problem is routine, the solutions must not be. As your future city councilman, it will be my responsibility to come … Read More

Sal DiCiccio: Stop Blocking Constituents on Twitter!

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You would think Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio has a lot better things to do with his time than play around on Twitter. Between trying to cut public services, putting neighborhoods and home values at risk, and hurting working families, Sal is a busy guy. Still, he finds time to block, delete, and marginalize voices online who ask him tough … Read More

Say Yes to Public Libraries

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The recent temporary closure of the Phoenix Burton Barr library due to storm damage underscores just how vital libraries are to their communities. No longer just places to check out books, libraries offer families free, educational activities for young children. They serve as cooling stations for Phoenicians with no shelter from the brutal summer heat. Countless community organizations rely on … Read More

Say Yes to Accountability: My Tax Returns

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I believe deeply in accountability for public officials. Knowing where someone’s true interests and obligations lie is at the heart of how we can place trust in our elected representatives, and more knowledge for voters before they make such an important decision is at the heart of our democracy. Before someone takes a vote, they should know where my real … Read More

Say Yes to Fire Unions

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Patterson for Phoenix Say Yes to Fire Unions

Safety is a comprehensive project, and we must look to every source that can provide us security. The fire department saves lives every day, and not just by pulling people out of burning buildings. At the scene of a car crash or a heart attack, firefighters are often the first to respond. When hikers fall and need rescue, firefighters are … Read More

Say Yes to Responsible Development

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Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the US and 4th worst for housing affordability. Only 18 in 100 housing units are affordable to middle income families, and that number keeps falling. High end luxury rentals are pushing homeowners and community members out of the city, while newly built suburban McMansions invade the privacy of their neighbors. Additionally, climbing rates … Read More

Never Say Yes to Alternative Facts!

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We live in a world of “alternative facts,” peddled by paid political operatives who cannot make a strong enough argument for their own point of view. Unfortunately for District 6, Councilman Sal DiCiccio plays with the truth until it becomes unrecognizable. My mom calls that, a “lie.” Whether it be putting more police on the street, funding after school programs … Read More