Say Yes to Fire Unions

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Patterson for Phoenix Say Yes to Fire Unions

Safety is a comprehensive project, and we must look to every source that can provide us security. The fire department saves lives every day, and not just by pulling people out of burning buildings. At the scene of a car crash or a heart attack, firefighters are often the first to respond. When hikers fall and need rescue, firefighters are … Read More

Say Yes to Responsible Development

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Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the US and 4th worst for housing affordability. Only 18 in 100 housing units are affordable to middle income families, and that number keeps falling. High end luxury rentals are pushing homeowners and community members out of the city, while newly built suburban McMansions invade the privacy of their neighbors. Additionally, climbing rates … Read More

Never Say Yes to Alternative Facts!

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We live in a world of “alternative facts,” peddled by paid political operatives who cannot make a strong enough argument for their own point of view. Unfortunately for District 6, Councilman Sal DiCiccio plays with the truth until it becomes unrecognizable. My mom calls that, a “lie.” Whether it be putting more police on the street, funding after school programs … Read More

Say Yes to Phoenix: My Platform

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It’s crazy to think that we have now been in this campaign for nearly three months. I still remember the day we filed at the City Clerk’s office surrounded by my friends and family, full of hope and love for what lay ahead. Now, as we have dived deeper and deeper into our community, I have learned more and more about … Read More

Say Yes to Good Jobs

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Growth is a priority for the city of Phoenix, like every city, but the needs and opportunities for growth in Phoenix are unique and must be handled responsibly. One of the core ways we can grow our economy for the benefit of those living here is to retain more of our college graduates. Phoenix and the areas around it have … Read More

Say Yes To Sustainable Investment

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There are all kinds of economic development, and while growth is good, responsible growth is better. As a city, Phoenix can pursue lasting, sustainable investment, or it can pursue short bursts of growth. We believe that Phoenix should say yes to the kinds of long-term, responsible growth that will keep our city competitive for years to come. So what does … Read More

Say Yes to Safe Cities

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The primary responsibility of a city is to protect its citizens. Without a reasonable expectation of safety, there is not much reason to live in a city. Despite this, city councils are often hesitant to do what it takes to enable safe streets and healthy communities. In the aftermath of the great recession, the city put a hiring freeze on … Read More

Say Yes to Real Leadership: Save The Lakes

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I grew up in Ahwatukee. I graduated from Desert Vista. I know what Ahwatukee has to offer and what a wonderful, unique place it is to live. That is why I’m so frustrated when I see developers backtrack on promises made to homeowners and distract them with bad information. My parents knew when we moved to Ahwatukee that an executive … Read More

Statement on Healthcare and Congress

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Today, Senate Republicans released an out of touch, draconian, alarming health care proposal that threatens the progress we’ve made in providing affordable healthcare for record numbers of community members. It drives up costs, reduces benefits, and leaves our most vulnerable populations out to dry. That is not the America I believe in and it goes against my values as a … Read More

Say Yes to Real Leadership: The Loop 202 Expansion

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Our team has been knocking on doors all over Ahwatukee and we’ve heard about the 202 expansion every day. The expansion evokes strong reactions from all sides of the debate and as someone who prides themselves as an active listener and consensus builder, I admit this is a difficult issue. For a decade, Ahwatukee residents have passionately fought the highway … Read More