Be open and accessible to constituents

Kevin PattersonMy Plan for Ahwatukee Comments

Accessibility is core to the mission of a public official. I want you to always be able to contact me about pressing issues, ideas and concerns, or simply to build relationships in our community. To do this, I am willing to propose the following to ensure residents have a Councilman they can trust:

  1. Make my phone number and email address available for any and all residents to contact me.
  2. All social media pages will be public and open for conversation and debate. I promise to never block you on Twitter.
  3. I will hold monthly community conversations in all parts of our District where residents can ask me questions about what the City is working on. These will be actively promoted, not hidden away from sight.
  4. I commit to reaching out to the community through weekly newsletters, monthly blogs, and quarterly satisfaction surveys.

I believe that constituents must have access to their community leaders to voice their opinions, to brainstorm solutions, and to ask the hard questions. This open-door policy will restore respect, trust, and collaboration to District 6.