A Tale of Two Cities

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For an hour, Sal and I stood in front of hundreds of voters, answering tough questions about the issues plaguing our City, from falling home values, lack of police presence, to closing corporate loopholes that hurt our City budget and working families. Not only did I and Sal offer different prescriptions for these issues, we offered completely different styles.

Sal seems himself as a one man show, a hero on a crusade to fix Phoenix alone. He touted a long list of so called accomplishments that no working family in our District has felt the impact of. Put simply, Sal was being himself; loud and outrageous.

I believe in building a strong community, built on shared values. I know that we cannot do this alone, and I don’t want to. All of our voices belong at the table, no matter how big or small, to create positive solutions for this community.

Last night showed clear options for our District. I hope that you choose hope and progress or division and empty rhetoric.

I am ready to Say Yes To Phoenix. Let’s get this done.